Tom Ford Cologne and Antique Bottles-

Glass Photography

I was inspired by the similarities in both of these objects and wanted to represent them in a way to mirror each other. The image on the left is of antique blackening bottles dating back to the 1800’s. The image on the right is of present day Tom Ford Cologne. The colors and shapes create a lovely diptych. I often find myself shooting imagery in sets of two and threes.

Piano Keys-

Black and White Image of Piano Keys

A year ago we had a piano relocated from our apartment to my sisters new home. The piano needed to be disassembled in order to be moved. I had the unique experience of seeing all the mechanics that are used inside of the piano. These are a few shots of what piano keys looks like when taken out of a piano.

Flowers and Bottles-

Glass Photography of Pink Gerber Daisys in an Antique Bottle Reflecting in a mirror

This is one of my first images in my ongoing personal project of photographing antique bottles. The bottle and flowers were a gift for my Jenny on Valentines day. It made its way onto set before being displayed on her nightstand.